Binova Fires Line Helps You Cook Your Ducks in a Row

There is nothing new about gas, cooktops, or countertops for that matter. But take all these, put four burners in a straight line, and recess this into a beautiful countertop, and you have a fairly innovative way to cook and look at your kitchen.

Being able to cook in a single row on our Binova Fires Line cooktop means you (or your chef ) will no longer need to reach behind the stir fry to get to the rice. Depending on how you place it, you can reserve an area in front for preparation, with the cooktop in back and away from the little ones’ hands, or reverse it and have a perfectly convenient places to slide dishes that need to get off the heat.

The Fires Line is 54 inches long and 13.75 inches deep, is fashioned in in stainless steel, works anywhere there’s gas, and is available in raised or flush fittings from V6B Design Group.

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